The Incredible Story Of The Most Decorated Marine In American History

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 25, 2018
  • Virginian Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller was an all-American hero who served in conflicts around the world including the Pacific in World War II and the Korean War in the 1950s. He was a Marine, and even although he died almost 50 years ago, he is still a legend within the ranks of that elite U.S. military outfit.

    Puller was born in June 1898 in West Point, Virginia, to parents Matthew and Martha. His father was a grocer but sadly died when Puller was just ten years old. It has been said that the fatherless boy would while away many childhood hours listening to tales of derring-do from old campaigners from the American Civil War.

    That conflict had ended in 1865 – not much more than 30 years before Puller was born – so there was every chance that the impressionable young lad met veterans who had actually participated in the war. Indeed, legendary Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson was apparently a particular hero of the youngster’s.

    In 1916, the teenage Puller was eager to see some action for himself and to generate some war stories of his own. The young Virginian attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army so that he could play his part in the Border War with Mexico. Alas, he was too young to join on his own say-so and his widowed mother refused to give the required permission. And so Puller’s first attempt to get into active service was thwarted, but it would not stay that way for long.

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  • Gods own Drunk

    Gods own Drunk


    ....Far less well known , was his younger brother Peter, U.S.N.R., who was drummed out of service for.... 'Self Abuse'.......

  • rich rich

    rich rich

     4 days ago

    If u knew who this was based off the pic alone then to u I say uh rah devil dog 💯

  • thesinaclwon


     4 days ago

    Well if he ever ran out if room on his chest he has plenty of room on that forehead for some ribbons and medals lol.......I wouldn't say that to his face though because I'm sure he would rip off my head and shit down my throat.

  • Stoney Shugarts

    Stoney Shugarts

     5 days ago

    Background song?

  • bingokitty


     5 days ago

    My oldest son just graduated MCRD San Diego, "Hotel Hell" Company and the base  mascot is an English Bulldog named after this brave soldier.

  • Juan Laris

    Juan Laris

     6 days ago

    Like all Marines oorah crazy and brave f****** crazy war hell dogs

  • juan Carrera

    juan Carrera

     6 days ago

    Let’s see if he was ordered to take a group of German POW’s back to the rear and he stoped them and killed them all .
    It’s called a war crime and the military glorified him for it !
    Even if the Germans did something similar this was not the right thing to do ! And should’ve been punished or is that a glorified for it !

  • Tyler


     6 days ago

    My grandfather served under him in WW2 and the Korean war as a sergeant. My grandfather loved serving under him (Also somewhat decorated)

  • Ricky Seymour

    Ricky Seymour

     6 days ago


  • Gardner Barnes

    Gardner Barnes

     6 days ago

    If you like to read, I recommend any of the books about this man. Very inspiring. I'm over 50 and wanted to enlist.

  • Darrin DuFur

    Darrin DuFur

     7 days ago

    I heard he was a butt plunger

  • MSgt.Terric OTF O'Connor

    MSgt.Terric OTF O'Connor

     8 days ago

    You forgot to talk about his Book and the why's and where fir's of him writing it.... WAR IS A RACKET

  • woldoog1


     8 days ago

    Lima 3/5 -1st MarDiv...Nam 67/68 SEMPER FI!

  • Kevin Schnetter

    Kevin Schnetter

     8 days ago

    Snow on Cap Gloucester? You a picture of Korea when talking about New Guinea.

  • James Salis

    James Salis

     8 days ago

    I have worked with militaries in a variety of foreign countries and I can tell you for sure there is nothing like an American Soldier.

  • Chaudry Jat

    Chaudry Jat

     8 days ago

    Lets say he was a evil killer and died like a dog.

  • Jason G

    Jason G

     8 days ago

    More decorations than Audie Murphy?
    Or different branches of service

  • Rock Riley

    Rock Riley

     9 days ago

    Not being able to properly pronnounce most of the important words in this story really tear at the credibility of those who made the video. Not saying the info in this is untrue, what i mean is it makes the speaker sound ignorant and as such one could be skeptical of what theyre saying. BTW, thanks to all those who have served, soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and coast guardsmen past, present and future!

  • Mr. J Jingle

    Mr. J Jingle

     10 days ago

    We do not "WIN" medals! We are awarded or recieve them. It's not a freaking lottery!

  • Shane Dickinson

    Shane Dickinson

     10 days ago