Video: The Foreign Legion, another French exception

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 27, 2018
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    Shrouded in mystery and prestige, the French Foreign Legion is just as feared by its enemies as it is envied by its allies. The legionnaires come from across the world, prepared to fight for a country that is not even their own. In the Legion, they learn to fight in extreme conditions, live together and work as a team. But who are these soldiers and what motivates them? While embedded with the 13th Half-Brigade of the Foreign Legion in Mali, our reporters found out.
    “The Legion is our home” is the motto of the Foreign Legion, the legendary elite branch of the French Army. Africans, Americans, Asians, Europeans, anyone between 17 and 40 years old can sign up to fight for France.
    The Legion was formed in 1831 and, to this day, inspires fascination. From the very start, it earned a reputation for being an army made up of wanted criminals. Today though, the Legion says entry is forbidden to anyone linked to violent crimes, sexual assault or drug-trafficking.
    However, the Legion still gives a chance to those who want to leave their pasts behind, earn a living and serve in an army with one of the best reputations in the world.
    Only one in five hopefuls makes it through the notoriously tough selection tests and once they’re in, the Legionnaires have to agree to a strict set of rules if they are to stay in. They’re punished if they fail to learn French and misunderstand orders.
    Claire Paccalin and Fanny Allard followed the 13th Half-Brigade of the Foreign Legion at their French base and during a counter-terrorism operation in Mali.
    They spent six days camping out in the desert near the border with Niger to find out how the Legion works and what motivates these men to fight for a country that is not their own.
    Maxime, an 18-year-old Belgian, told them why he quit a carpentry apprenticeship to join the Legion. They spoke to Brandon, an American who drives his comrades crazy by playing country music at the barracks. Then there's Sergeant Giacomo, who started out camera-shy but later opened up about being a Legionnaire.

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  • David Roldan

    David Roldan

     3 hours ago

    Im scot english and very proud normandy french

  • Dark Talon

    Dark Talon


    the navy seals ,most elite ,best warriors ever ,thank you for your service

  • BoSsOm boss

    BoSsOm boss

     4 days ago

    Hummm to use the word terrorist, while doing themselves terrorism killing civilian and involving in Asia and Arab world for destruction.
    The elder says don't stone to my house then you luxury house would not be broken.
    Today the America and Europe they are the one doing terrorism.

  • Mr. Ghost

    Mr. Ghost

     5 days ago +1

    these soilders, there's sadness on their faces. I can see that, its so clear. Its like they miss something. I feel bad for them.

  • Théo France.

    Théo France.

     5 days ago

    Longue vie à la France, vive la légion.

  • John White

    John White

     6 days ago

    She said the wake up call was brutal, lol. No, it was not.

  • Matt Jusserand

    Matt Jusserand

     7 days ago

    Respect à la Légion!

  • lilili lululu

    lilili lululu

     9 days ago

    Mr. Johnny English doing his best 2:33

  • Pavlosk8


     11 days ago


  • Ian Moone

    Ian Moone

     11 days ago

    "I got a DUI... that's why they wouldn't let me in."

  • John De Luna

    John De Luna

     15 days ago

    The best of French armed forces

  • Great Idea

    Great Idea

     17 days ago

    I hope she was EMBEDDED many times!!!

  • Avram Ruben

    Avram Ruben

     17 days ago

    French is the biggest terrorist nation with military uniforms approved by European nations and their criminal allied.

  • Vivian Williams

    Vivian Williams

     18 days ago

    This look great but next time do it in Russia and please carry your brother the SAS and seal team6, that would look great,have fun if you can

  • eastbeast95


     19 days ago

    I like the wagon fort style encampment

  • lol test

    lol test

     19 days ago

    I’ve seen the SAS do better really

  • Dain, son of Nain

    Dain, son of Nain

     20 days ago

    Can Americans join?

  • Jorge F

    Jorge F

     24 days ago

    what's the point of sleeping ?when they sleep while you drive the trucks more training less sleep .

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos

     25 days ago +1

    haha that croatian guy hit the nail on the head with regards to country music

  • Sean Gunn

    Sean Gunn

     29 days ago

    Sir I served with your forces, it was a pleasure