The Midnight - Endless Summer [Full Album]

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 22, 2016
  • Endless SummerStay Retro and Subscribe: http://www.akadewear.comSupport: Our Official Spotify: Also Support: absolute classic of an album. Listen up guys! The official full album upload of "Endless Summer". Endless Summer 00:002. Sunset 06:453. Daytona 12:124. Jason (feat. Nikki Flores) 17:065. Synthetic 22:446. The Equaliser (Not Alone) 25:587. The Comeback Kid 29:498. Vampires 35:099. Crockett's Revenge 40:2610. Nighthawks 45:5311. Lonely City 49:4112. Memories 54:56Pic Sources:Long-lost polaroids of madonna in '83 show a mega star on the verge! The Midnight with us:­__- Visit and live your retro dreams.
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  • damnice

     2 years ago

    That sax on Crockett's Revenge is just epic. This is what the world needs, more saxuality.

  • Telemarq

     17 days ago

    Calm down youngling!!

  • Zabuza Momochi

     5 months ago

    Sax is always good I mean everytime I hear sax I have that instant boner

  • Stevie Wolfe

     2 years ago

    Definitely the best synthwave album of 2016.

  • Joseph Ducreaux

     18 days ago

    All of their albums are like a journey back in time.

  • Jocko Jonson

     2 months ago

    Best album 2016 any genre for me. 👌👍✌️

  • tetsuoswrath

     2 years ago

    I hate my radio now for not playing this music instead of the crap it usually plays. :{

  • Alex Sánchez

     1 years ago

    yesssssssss me too

  • Druss Quinn

     2 years ago

    That sax in Vampires is unreal, this music takes everyone to their own feel of the 80's, and that is dope.

  • Francesco Barrientos

     1 years ago

    im living for the sax solo, omfg!

  • WoeIsJesse

     1 years ago

    I heard a lot of The 1975 in there too which is beautiful

  • Khaled Kokah

     2 years ago

    It's like living in a magical dream that you wish it never end ..

  • ThePyro721

     2 years ago

    I'm a 90s kid; seven minutes in, I've grown a mullet and there's a pair of Wayfarers on my desk. What is this sorcery?

  • Angela Thomas

     12 days ago

    @christdragon i think you mean '87... the pop soundtracks of the 80's were still getting radio play well into the 90's, so people born in the late 80's would have heard it as (younger) kids.

  • christdragon

     12 days ago

    If you were born any later then 77' then you missed out and can only relive what we already experienced.

  • Patrick Bateman

     2 years ago

    Very nice

  • Frank Castle

     1 years ago

    Patrick Bateman Indeed.

  • bozomcbozo

     1 years ago

    "Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?""They're ok"

  • Tim Porter

     2 years ago

    The track Vampires is just on another level! Amazing album!

  • numchuck

     2 years ago

    I recently discovered this beautiful genre. How do I not die from the overload?

  • Telemarq

     17 days ago

    Frap more..... or less :/

  • FX

     1 months ago

    You take 4x more of it !!!!!!

  • Silvane D.

     2 years ago

    Jason makes me cry....i love you The Midnight, your music helped me a lot during my exams period :)

  • A H

     3 months ago

    @cherok 4 straight weeks. Sounds so real. "C'est du vécu."

  • cherok

     11 months ago

    There's nothing like synthwave on repeat for 4 straight weeks :D It helped me out too.