Skyrim: The Most Terrifying Mod You’ve Never Played – 5 Immersive Skyrim Mods #6

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • Skyrim is a game that over a decade after her initial release, has maintained a strong community. Much of The Elder Scrolls 5’s longevity can be attributed to its massive modding community. With tens of thousands of Skyrim mods on the Nexus alone, we’ll likely never run out of Skyrim content. So in today’s video we’ll be paying tribute to that massive modding scene, as we dive right into our sixth installment of five immersive mods you may have missed for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.Master of Disguise - Vampires - Vampire NPCs - - Out Your Dead -'s Well -
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  • hhjk377

     24 days ago

    Skyrim’s modding community is anti-small.

  • Drum Den

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    Inverse pocket-sized

  • Spectral Corruption

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    Back-up minuscule

  • Joyful Dude

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    Gollum Sings your not the only one

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  • Monty

     24 days ago

    2:32 title text really helped me understand the mod in a new way.

  • Assimil8

     17 days ago

    Ultimate Immersion Accomplished

  • Idxx

     24 days ago

    Very immursive

  • ProfArmitage

     24 days ago

    "Nearly 80,000 files on the Nexus". And only 60,000 of them are large-breasted female Companions mods. ;)

  • Lance wilson

     24 days ago

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  • Shady Sam

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    You forgot to mention that they are also Barbie Dolls.

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  • ZeroSeriesMMX

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    Hey guys, it's Nate here.And Skyrim is a game which refuses to be *murdered to death* -- even after nearly 8 years of existence.

  • Filip Petrovic

     24 days ago

    Why not link the mods in the description ?

  • Ventexo Vakon

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    @Alex Parker Yes actually. Straight up come to my apartment and install it on my broken ass PC.

  • Alex Parker

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    Would you like him to install them for you too

  • Mr. Perfect Cell

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    You would be a boss, pulling off the Thalmor disguise as an Argonian."I just have a skin condition."[Speech Increased to 100]

  • Mr. Perfect Cell

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    I thank you.

  • Green Cheese 101

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  • Johnny Pearseed

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    In the description, Nate says Skyrim is over a decade old

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