General Carl Mundy Funeral

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 20, 2014
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  • bndoc



    Once of the best Amphib ever!

  • Charlie Rober

    Charlie Rober

     2 days ago

    Remember when the marines fought for freedom and not special interest?

  • Captain Leprechaun

    Captain Leprechaun

     3 days ago

    From me and all US Navy brothers and sisters-in-arms, God Bless General Mundy and the United States Marine Corps.

  • Pinkerman Ranch

    Pinkerman Ranch

     3 days ago

    All my uncles on my moms side are marines usmc is our life

  • Todd Brechwald

    Todd Brechwald

     3 days ago


  • shawnte Pitts

    shawnte Pitts

     6 days ago

    That's right kids

  • Marcos


     6 days ago

    que ridiculez toda la parafernalia yanky

  • jose miguel Bey Kahn

    jose miguel Bey Kahn

     7 days ago


  • mrjodoku


     7 days ago

    Mundy was my general

  • pankerschulz


     7 days ago

    its a german song

  • Adam Shotts

    Adam Shotts

     8 days ago

    Sorry but I don't see follow enlisted carrying a 4 star general, granted the Marines are "the few and proud" but I still don't see that happening. Plus where's the president, VP, or even governor of the state

  • Arathor82


     8 days ago

    When he gets to St. Peter he will tell, another marine reporting, I served my time in hell.

  • Joe Jr

    Joe Jr

     9 days ago


  • Gordon Turner

    Gordon Turner

     9 days ago

    To all the brothers i served with just to let yous all know sad time have fallen upon my famile of the passing of my dear mum and my uncle with in a week they rip now sadly missed by all who new them xxv

  • Dylan Hill

    Dylan Hill

     9 days ago

    4:40 seeing that police lieutenant saluting brought tears to my eyes

  • Donald Smith

    Donald Smith

     10 days ago

    Semper Fi!

  • Walter Stolpa

    Walter Stolpa

     10 days ago

    What an amazing tribute to a great man and an American hero. If anyone dislikes this they are domestic enemies.

  • Walter Johnson

    Walter Johnson

     11 days ago

    Old army here. Deepest respect and regards to the General and his family, which includes the Corps

  • Markus Nawroth

    Markus Nawroth

     12 days ago

  • Mark Molter

    Mark Molter

     12 days ago

    4:43 in the morning and I have something in my eyes.