The strange child in the world will not believe they exist

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 13, 2016
  • The strange child in the world will not believe they exist tai.Moi human is born with a different fate, there was born princes and princesses do, whereas with the "horror form". These children are born to carry the characteristics different from normal people.
    Just because unfortunately suffering from a certain illness, leaving themselves and their families fall into the predicament. However, the perseverance, the efforts of parents, the doctors and the students themselves, then everything can change. Invite you to see our video below to learn more about this strange case:
    1.Milagros Cerron (baby mermaid).
    2.Cau An Qi baby (boy with big birthmark on the face).
    3.Didier Montalvo (boy tortoiseshell).
    4.Misael (5-year-old boy weighing more than 80 kg).
    5.Mohammad kaleem (He has terrible hands).
    6.Tessa Evans (she had no nose).
    7.Pan Xianhang (boy mermaid).
    8.Verdant Joshi (boy with giant feet).
    9.Charlotte (little girl).
    10.Giuliano Stroe (boy with muscular figure 6).
    11. Connie Lloyd (She has the nose of tomato).
    12.Kang mengru (She carries the fetus in the womb).
    13.Lucy and Mary (twins are not the same color).
    14.Julia Vin (beautiful girl wrestlers body.
    15.Rubber boy (boy rubber - have started rotating 180 degrees).
    16.Dua baby born without blood.
    You see the strangest child, do you most curious, please leave a comment for your child caused the most attention.
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