Staff Sgt. Giunta's Medal of Honor

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 14, 2010
  • The first living soldier to win the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War tells Lara Logan in an emotional interview just what he did to earn the nation's highest combat honor and how the recognition makes him uncomfortable.
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  • WestCoastIrk


     7 days ago

    she is so damn sexy i would suck a fart from her ass and hold it in like a bong hit...

  • Ghayasuddin Ayoubi

    Ghayasuddin Ayoubi

     13 days ago

    I have spent almost two year here .

  • RedNasty7


     a months ago

    Losses are tough in the military, especially going expericing something like that I combat.. any soldier would give up anything to get back that person, even if they barely know them.

  • cigarmikey


     1 months ago

    Sigh- just young men going through so much.

  • Philip Moore

    Philip Moore

     1 months ago +4

    O god Lara Logan is so good looking

  • Gas Silva

    Gas Silva

     2 months ago

    Damm look at there eyes..brave soldier's...

  • Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly

     2 months ago


  • Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly

     2 months ago

    Army makes navy proud but still can't beat us at football ok last year happy go army

  • Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly

     2 months ago

    Think bout solders u never know that did the same

  • Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly

     2 months ago

    The price most joint pay but we know others did before us that's the real reason guys do

  • Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly

     2 months ago

    Star xusn

  • No Limit The Beast

    No Limit The Beast

     3 months ago +2

    Salute to all the real men & women
    Thank you for are freedom. šŸ’Æ

  • Jeffrey Daniel 1

    Jeffrey Daniel 1

     3 months ago

    The ending quote though....that's a hero and a man. Wowser

  • Jeffrey Daniel 1

    Jeffrey Daniel 1

     3 months ago

    Balls of steel and a humble man

  • Damien Holland

    Damien Holland

     4 months ago

    She's intentionally trying to make her voice sexy. Not fond of this journalist at all -- though I do commend her bravery for going into dangerous zones.

  • Dean Martin

    Dean Martin

     6 months ago

    they must be inexperienced soldiers for stopping in the kill box.

  • M Ouija

    M Ouija

     6 months ago +3

    Sgt. Guinta is the most humble guy to ever qualify for and actually earn a medal of honor. If there was ever a deserving guy, he is it. If you ever read this, you are the definition of heroic character. No one ever earns the Medal of Honor in a situation that came away from with a happy result. You made the best of a lose/lose scenario and saved a lot of lives.

  • James עליוני

    James עליוני

     7 months ago

    it reminds me of Ira

  • Thomas The Trucker

    Thomas The Trucker

     7 months ago

    Sky Soldiers šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø

  • john byrne

    john byrne

     9 months ago

    Iā€™m in complete awe of this young man