Brain Damage (Perturbator (Feat. Noir Deco) - Technoir) [AMV]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 9, 2016
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    Movie : Neo Tokyo (1987)

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    #darksynth #synthwave #perturbator
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  • Kommander Keef

     (Oct 14, 2016)

    Doesn't seem like a very persuading career. Going 2000 miles per hour. And having your vehicle tear itself apart, killing you in the most agonizing way possible.

  • Red-Rook

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    +C Kizzle the whole anime's artstyle itself just looks retardrd. :/


     (Mar 6, 2019)

    +Multitask gamer Pro What's the name of yours anime? Do you happen to know?

  • blue text on white background

     (Oct 11, 2016)

    i really wanna raid this guy's anime collection. :D

  • Garrett

     (Mar 12, 2019)

    +Anonymous Anonymous Sperg alert

  • Tolga Uzun

     (Mar 11, 2019)

    +Orchestra Gamer neo tokyo

  • 90 RPM

     (Aug 21, 2017)

    So he has power to manipulate things to be destroyed and when he went overboard, his own representation materialized and he tried to beat himself...?

  • Bar Rag

     (1 day ago)

    Yes; this is from a compilation film of anime shorts; in this short we see the final race of the champion pilot, who always wins through telekinetically destroying the other racers; in his final race however, he keeps going around the track after technically winning and it's implied he goes fast enough to start seeing afterimages of himself (or something). He assumes it is another racer and starts using his powers on himself, thus sealing the race as being his final one.

  • MegaRazorback

     (Feb 13, 2019)

    +Neyreyan One wasn't destroyed actually, the pilot was telekineticly lifted out and slammed through the car behind him causing it to spin out and blow up...If you look at the lower left of the video at 2:26 to 2:27 you JUST see said car grinding against the track barricade.

  • Jake Branthe

     (May 12, 2017)

    The dystopian future of F1 racing seems really promising

  • ardablock

     (Dec 29, 2018)

    halo would've saved them

  • Thunderchief

     (Sep 17, 2018)

    And Tokyo Circuit is the final Race of the Season?

  • Quinton the Villain

     (Apr 1, 2017)

    ....jesus CHRIST! I knew anime of the 80/90s were pretty intense, but this shit is something else.Can anyone clue me in on what the story is about? My interest got majorly peaked.

  • Kevooi

     (Mar 10, 2019)

    +Dragongaze13Thought the same as soon as I saw the faces of those racers.

  • AftermathRV

     (Feb 13, 2019)

    +joe r gonzales thats not the right synopsis for what happens, and it came out along side 2 more stories on the movie "Neo tokyo"For starters he killed himself. The spectral racer was him. He blew himself up. For 2nd, he had no life signs left so he was dead before he did that anyway

  • Rod Herfel

     (Apr 12, 2017)

    This art! Where are these animators?

  • epikmanthe3rd

     (Sep 7, 2018)

    +LazarusTricks Money. The Japanese economy was massively booming in the 80s leading to a huge market for entertainment. There was also a massive game of "one-upping" each other in animation. This led to Akira which had such a massive blockbuster that, despite being a huge hit, barely broke even. It was unsustainable.

  • Javierm0n0

     (Jun 19, 2018)

    hyonpyont blarg you're being needlessly reductive and intellectually dishonest here by making those assumptions about what that guy said.

  • bac phan

     (Jun 8, 2017)

    that's why you dont use racing car from china

  • the Shadow

     (Dec 23, 2017)


  • arnold jayeola

     (Jul 10, 2017)

    bac phan nah, the guy was psychic


     (Apr 9, 2017)

    Best Animation ever.

  • raglanheuser

     (Jul 21, 2018)

    it really ruined it for me when i found out the cars aren't tearing themselves up because they're going too fast, the guy is using telekinesis to destroy the other riders so he can win the race

  • IlmariCSTV

     (Mar 3, 2019)

    Kinda makes sense. Unsportsmanship does not go without reprecussions.

  • Miles Anderson

     (Jun 19, 2017)

    Everybody look up "Lorn - Sega Sunset" , a track set to the exact same video, from 2013, with over 4 million views. I think it's a lot scarier, and a lot more atmospheric and suited to the material, in addition to being an original video mix idea. Thoughts?

  • Slaps Sj

     (Oct 10, 2018)

    Nathan Cooper+ Yep, hands down, id prefer pertubator's mix over Lorn's but Sega Sunset had a slower tempo then pertubator's

  • Clystron426

     (Sep 27, 2018)

    Nah. "Sega Sunset" is way too calm.