US soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 11, 2009
  • US soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

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    Iraq war: 10 years on

    On Easter Sunday, US army specialist Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs in combat in Iraq. Glenn Osten Anderson visits Marrocco at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre as he recovers from his injuries and learns to use his prosthetic arms and legs
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  • ghost space

    ghost space

     13 hours ago

    Snake 🐍

  • maximus


     21 hours ago

    He didn't lost his limbs on the usa soil, he occupied other countries, so he got what he deserved.

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos


    All for the Oil of Middle East!

  • matt thomas

    matt thomas

     2 days ago

    hey gas just went back under 3 bucks a gallon it was totally worth it...RIGHT?!

  • asteroth131


     3 days ago

    Feel bad for him if he fought in the Iraq war that wasn't even justified and the reason isis was formed so bad

  • gwyneth grove

    gwyneth grove

     3 days ago

    Such courage to face his life ... very humbling. Good to hear he has hand more surgery to help him.

  • Dr. Freeman

    Dr. Freeman

     3 days ago

    1:10 A brave man!

  • fly whiteGuy

    fly whiteGuy

     4 days ago

    You are in my family's prayers! Thank you for your service to our country! God bless you and your family! Keep up your hard work!

  • Tony


     5 days ago

    What a brave guy, this really shows how much can be achieved when you put your mind to it. He is an inspiration to the world! I’d love to be a millionaire and give him a couple of million to help him and his family.

  • obvious troll

    obvious troll

     5 days ago

    War..... such a wonderful thing...

  • Guy Osgerby

    Guy Osgerby

     5 days ago

    what an amazing young bloke!

  • Kate Hicks

    Kate Hicks

     5 days ago

    AMERICAN the war machine. Bringing misery to so many.

  • bookreaderson


     5 days ago

    He still seems medicated don't blame him

  • RackwitzG


     6 days ago

    Considering the costs of his treatment, the government is probably glad that most soldiers don't survive such injuries. Get well, soldier!

  • sputnikalgrim


     6 days ago

    In the event that people aren’t sure.... to kaepernick... this is why we stand, THIS IS WHY WE STAND! There is no way I can ever pay this man back, no words to explain my gratitude. My freedom cost him too much. He volunteered to stand vigil outside liberty’s door and vowed to keep the boogie man out.

  • Jay Win

    Jay Win

     6 days ago

    Wow. So sad. Don't be embarrassed. That's not quite right.

  • ThePwner620


     6 days ago

    He lost his four limbs for a stupid corrupted government.

  • juan Carrera

    juan Carrera

     6 days ago

    Can’t believe he lived

  • Kilo Byte

    Kilo Byte

     6 days ago

    All of this sacrifice, to serve Israel's interests... Makes me sick.

  • zombie nomad

    zombie nomad

     6 days ago