US soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 11, 2009
  • US soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

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    Iraq war: 10 years on

    On Easter Sunday, US army specialist Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs in combat in Iraq. Glenn Osten Anderson visits Marrocco at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre as he recovers from his injuries and learns to use his prosthetic arms and legs
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  • Alex 83

    Alex 83


    Obama say you Thanks!

  • malcolm gannon

    malcolm gannon


    Your a hero man god bless from Ireland man see they need the Irish out there we'd sort them fucks out

  • Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr

    Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr


    Hey Bob, hahahahahaha

  • Guess 123

    Guess 123


    Wow 😮 .. it’s all I can say 😔

  • Apocyl Doomer

    Apocyl Doomer


    Oh my Lord, so sorry soldier, thanks for you service.

  • Mathona Moore

    Mathona Moore


    The futility of war.........Americans ,your government doesn't care about your sons. Wake up !! Stop joining the army and encouraging your sons to enlist.

  • Chrille Drevholt

    Chrille Drevholt

     3 days ago

    Respect !!!!!!!!!

  • manny gomez

    manny gomez

     3 days ago

    whiteamig0 z h h

  • Jeffrey wade

    Jeffrey wade

     3 days ago

    And I think I have it bad really puts things into perspective when you watch this video I mean really sit down and watch this video we are lucky and we don't even realize it Laurel starts a new life for me

  • Owen Lynch

    Owen Lynch

     4 days ago

    god bless this guy

  • Marecki Marecki

    Marecki Marecki

     4 days ago

    they give him toys . never normals life😓

  • Deb Clato

    Deb Clato

     4 days ago

    War should be an old man’s game, not a young man’s game! [should be mandatory 40 years old to serve in the US Army! Not sending kids to die!]

  • Deb Clato

    Deb Clato

     4 days ago

    Oh well- he’s a lucky one! Think about the little kids this scum murdered in foreign lands- for nothing! >> Hope his mommy is proud! [hope he reflects, on his mistakes, and repents to Allah for the abuses he committed!]

  • LoneWolfAirsoft


     4 days ago

    Respect from germany! Keep going!

  • Kenneth Ferrer

    Kenneth Ferrer

     5 days ago

    All that mutilation for what? Keeping the oil flowing from the middle east to the US? Do alternative energy instead. 😬

  • Sean Wales

    Sean Wales

     5 days ago

    U go ur way, i know that!!! I wish u the best recover. greets from Germany and a brother in arm

  • Rusty Kilt

    Rusty Kilt

     5 days ago

    Jesus!.. forget the politics... these young men, and women, put it on the line so we go on living our comfortable lives.... Who cares what Army or nationality... You may not agree with the reason why they fight but they are doing their duty.. I for one, do not agree with the reasons for these wars except to say you can bet your life its all about politics. My attitude to ISIS is to see it wiped from the earth.. but is that the true reason for the current conflict?..

  • Wicca


     5 days ago

    Reminds me of johnny got his gun

  • Matthew Alvayero

    Matthew Alvayero

     6 days ago

    who tf disliked this.

  • Ekki Yaa

    Ekki Yaa

     6 days ago

    Watched this on my way to registration, turns out welfare office is just across the sreet