How To Make Fallout 4 Make Absolute Zero Sense

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 26, 2019
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  • blue yoshi

     21 days ago

    *Sees Anime in the thumbnail*You had me at anime girl!

  • Lucas Miller

     15 days ago

    Tfw you see a few pixels of anime for a hundredth of a second when you're scrolling and your degenerate brain is immediately "CLICK THIS".I'm so proud.

  • HonooRyu Perrone

     16 days ago


  • Jack C

     21 days ago

    "avoid responsibility" by sliding past Preston. Damn you MxR now I need to make 100 accounts to give you extra likes for that one.

  • Potato the Flof

     9 days ago

    @Preston garvey 2019 AnOtHeRsEtTlEmEnTnEeDoUrHeLp

  • Donald Chandler

     16 days ago

    "You fool... I have *78 ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS!!!*" /menacing/

  • Izzy

     21 days ago

    Much respect to modders. *He wanted anime in Fallout and he MADE anime in Fallout*

  • puri puri

     3 days ago

    is it too hard? i was thinking of replacing all males with a race resembling nopons from Xenoblade 2 or exceed from Fairy Tail (with pitched voices from the game obv) but they would be half sized and combat might be too hard and annoying, i am willing to do them if its possible lol

  • Lunam Evadere

     13 days ago

    @Kanuui If someone wants it hard enough and they have access to a PC, they'll make it. Even if a mod is thought to be impossible to implement due to engine issues, if it has something to do with obscure virgin fantasies, it'll be created, logic be damned.

  • DespaJesus boi

     21 days ago

    MxR: gets arrested for going slighty over the speed limit and gets put in an asylumMxR: this is way to... *_U N N I M E R S I V E_*

  • ProtoManEXE123

     20 days ago

    i plea innocent because being a mod reviewer in jail is unimmersiveoh sorry sir, you're free to go

  • The YouTube wanderer

     21 days ago

    I laughed to hard at this

  • Migel the sloth

     21 days ago

    Heckler and CockHeckler and CokeGenzugszugsgre 9Heckler and Coach nearly there henry keep trying

  • Taikami

     10 days ago

    Predrag Jandric i think it’s like koh then like a hiss or something like it I have no idea how to describe it

  • Toan Tran

     13 days ago

    He actually almost got it right on his second try, if I remember correctly it more or less sounds like coke.

  • Polish English

     21 days ago

    Bethesda has the buggiest games...and the best modding community of all times! :D Thank you MxR for letting me discover that! :D

  • Corbin Kendall

     6 days ago

    TBH the mods are the only reason skyrim and fallout 4 are playable. Without the unofficial patches and mod tweaking I'd be stuck in game breaking bugs and glitches.

  • Interneturn

     21 days ago

    "This way in any lighting, there'll be no harsh shadows ruining the perfection that is my anime waifu's face. I think I'll put her on a body pillow tonight"- MxR 2019

  • Jojo Bizzare

     21 days ago

    1960: In the future, there will be flying cars!2019:

  • Dan G

     5 days ago

    @Lantz Hurb Yeah they aren't wrong, but OP was making a joke and I don't think facts are a particularly important aspect to consider when it comes to jokes.

  • Lantz Hurb

     5 days ago

    @Dan G but you can't argue with it it's actually the truth 😂

  • niel weiss


    How To Make Fallout 4 Make Absolute Zero Sense?Install it.

  • Martin Jareš

     2 days ago

    5:00“I was absorbed in” YouTube Music Ad😂😂