Osmo Action vs. GoPro 7

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • The Osmo Action just got announced! We got one several months in advance and put it to the test!Check out everything you need to know about the camera here:https://click.dji.com/AMbi3lY71Z5erpR...Genuinely super stoked on the new Osmo Action! It is now our go to sports camera and it's replaced all our other cameras of this nature. Pick yours up for only $349!Want to be in our next video?! Follow us on social media!http://www.instagram.com/devinsupertramphttps://www.facebook.com/devinsupertramphttp://twitter.com/devinsupertrampFor business inquiries ONLY, contact us here:
  • Source: https://youtu.be/-5gWXofStPU


  • leonkinss

     a months ago

    Looks too ad-like. On the parkour guy shots at 240fps osmo gives white sky. Has he noticed that? Nope.

  • Araujot our stories

     21 days ago

    Sorry man, but this review is not good. I mean, I do believe you think DJI is a better camera but you mention a lot of "facts" that just aren't true. You mention the changeable lenses on the DJI and forgot GP7 does the same. You stated that hypersmooth is not available on 4K60 and is not true.You also mention Gp7 's biggest fish eye but didn't mention it offer linear mode that has downsides but does remove the fish eye effect .Also auto exposure can be set tho manual or constant.And then y...

  • Le huu huy

     14 days ago

    his sound like dji-ad...especially the wide angle, I did the test in Dji store about Osmo action today. It dropped around 20% angle when I change to HDR. After testing 5 mins recording, it also as hot as GoPro 7. Last but not least, they don't have any accessories for Osmo action, even I went to Dji Store. I don't want to use Osmo action with GP7 accessories.


     1 months ago

    where is low ligh-action ?Have LOG Profil?Thanks for sharing

  • Blake Castle

     1 months ago

    Judging dynamic range without filming in a flat profile isn’t really a true test of dynamic range. Hopefully we can get a HDR vs Protune test

  • JayGee Goes To Thailand

     24 days ago

    @Alex Smith Well your supposed to do color grading and all that your self when using flat sigh...

  • Alex Smith

     a months ago

    Flat profile looks 💩

  • Simon Fitzpatrick

     1 months ago

    This is not an objective review (as he is continually trying to tell us throughout) ... for example he is pointing to the shadows to illustrate HDR is better on the DJI ... but ignoring the highlights in the clouds are way better on the GP. Indeed he even tries to claim that the DJI does a better job of clouds with a fudge about pixelation which is totally inaccurate. In fact the DJi has sharpening artefact issues in Cinelike effect mode. He neglects to mention that you can't shoot HDR with stabilizat...

  • Dang Yang

     20 days ago

    This is a very bias review. I've seen other more honest review on the DJI Osmo.

  • Flavio Presutti

     a months ago

    Totally agreed! He has a Lot of mistakes in the video, and the gopro7 black has hypersmooth 4k 60fps and manual options, you have to activate the "PROTUNE" option

  • imtheoldspike

     29 days ago

    Complete BS on your review... In all the shots you show the GoPro clearly has the better dynamic range.. when you talk about the shadows in once scene you have to talk about the highlights in the SAME scene. Otherwise one is just underexposed vs the other...

  • Lahry Sibley

     11 days ago

    I agree.

  • GoldenBoy

     21 days ago

    stop hating just because the Osmo is better-just go buy one and stop complaining.its only 348 dollars

  • ᗩᒪᖴᗩ

     a months ago

    1:39 haha. The best biker video @fabiowibmer greetings from Austria

  • TheFsmad

     1 months ago

    Actually you can change the lens cover on the hero 7 black, I've replaced my lens cover a few times on mine without any issues, not even a 10 second job

  • ESVignettes

     28 days ago

    TheFsmad I was wondering why he didn’t comment on that too

  • Flavio Presutti

     1 months ago

    Well... I don't like to give bad news for you ... but hypersmooth works in gopro hero 7 at 4k 60fps... you have to enable the option "PROTUNE" ...Bad info to the people, be careful!

  • LK80 kggd

     27 days ago

    @Josh Zaring I think they never updated it

  • Bruin

     28 days ago

    @NOFOOD? Yeah, regarding image stabilization, in watching several of these types of videos, the Osmo Action is the definite winner; but, the GoPro Hero 7 Black still performs really well, but just not as well as the Osmo Action in terms of image stabilization.

  • Noah Shaw

     a months ago

    I have the GoPro 7 Black and you can absolutely record in 4K at 60fps with Hypersmooth on. Update the firmware to the latest version!

  • Noah Shaw

     25 days ago

    Sid Belcher Funny. There has always been a notification saying when a certain frame rate isn’t supported at a certain quality. Have not seen any notifications saying that hypersmooth isn’t supported in 4K. I’ve also tested it on 4K with hypersmooth on and off. Huge difference. I also spoke to a GoPro team member and he said to update the firmware.